Mommy & Me 2018 - Red Suitcase Photography

What a day!

You would think at the end of April we would have some nicer weather! 6 Degrees the majority of the day, but it DID NOT rain! Thank the Lord! 

Our mama bears braved the chilly weather at Guelph's Arboretum to snap smiley beautiful photos with their most favourite people! Bow ties, and head bows, curly hair, and pig tails, beautiful dresses and dress shirts... Everyone looked their BEST! 

Josh and I are SO thankful for all of our clients who are showing the world that they are strong, confident, amazing women, who are raising magnificent, kind, fantastic children. You are all proof that with love and patience and a little bit of "pixie dust" all of the hopes, dreams, and prayers that we give to our children are making a difference! 

So mama's,  even on the days when we didn't get any sleep at night, when our kids have been cranky, when our house is a mess, when our work life is over powering, when we aren't sure if we are making the best choices, please know that YOU are amazing....that YOU are doing a good job... that YOU are enough! 

To OUR moms and to the women who have been that "mom" to us that we so desperately needed, may THIS Mother's Day be filled with blessings from on high!

From our journey to yours,

Jes & Josh


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