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With so many choices out there to capture the memories and beautiful moments of your lives, you need to find someone who is as passionate about those moments as you are.


My name is Jessica, a mother to the most beautiful little girl that ever walked the face of this earth (don’t we all say that!) who has been snapping wildly since the invention of the digital camera.

I spent a year "creeping" another photographer, Mark McBean from Moments By Mark, setting up photo sessions for him, learning to edit, becoming a secondary photographer, and have had the opportunity to learn so many amazing things at the hands of his talented, patient and easy going demeanor.

I began to realize this was something I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to pursue on a more serious level. With his help and the support of my family and friends, I took steps into this next journey of my life, and the excitement can be felt all around!

So there is this guy, his name is Josh, who shoots with me and has been an integral part in making Red Suitcase Photography what it is today. His technical background and his love of photography allows him to make every shoot we do a success! Our sessions run smoothly and efficiently, due to his passion and focus.

He actually enjoyed shooting with me so much that he decided to marry me! (At least that is what I tell everyone!) We love taking selfies, going for random drives, eating food that is terrible for you and are enjoying the "newlywed" life. We have enjoyed blending our two families.

So now my little family has 4! 


Our style is simple: we put you at ease by making you feel comfortable, and pulling the BEST out of you and your family by becoming a part of your family during the session. Our shots will be elegant, natural, beautiful but most of all….fun! After all, our camera case isn’t a leather container, it’s a case packed with memories, a tool that we will use to help you capture your moments in this journey we call life.

We can’t wait to be a part of YOUR stories…

Jessica and Josh "the Stillers"

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